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Spend 1-12 months experiencing the REAL China on the China Internship Program. You’ll get a rewarding career training, a never-to-be-forgotten overseas living experience and the perfect chance to explore all the wonderful sites of China.


Why China?

Almost 30 years ago China began the process of economic reform taking the country to one of the world’s most important economies. China’s influence on the world economy cannot be overstated. Chinese companies now own some of the world’s most famous brands, while goods manufactured in China now fill Western households. China’s remarkable development has an impact on people all over the globe. There is no better way to get a glimpse inside real China than to work in a company or organization located there.


Program Highlights

• All year round applications, no fixed starting dates

• One to twelve month internships in China

• Wide range of fields (Sales & Marketing, Law, Finance, Design, IT, etc.)

• Professional and personalized matching process

• Guaranteed internship placement once application accepted

• Comprehensive support before, during and after your stay in China


Common fields of work

Joyedu’s internship opportunities are available in a wide range of functions and industries. All placements are tailor-made, based on your personal internship goals and interests.

• Advertising 

• BusinessCommunications

• Cultural Exchange

• Design

• Development Work

• Education and Teaching

• Event Management

• Fashion

• Film

• Finance

• Health and Medicine

• Hospitality and Tourism

• Institutional Cooperation

• Journalism

• Legal

• Marketing 

• Media

• Non-Profit

• PR

• Publishing

• Real Estate

• Research and Science

• Sports

• Technology

What you can get on the Joyedu China Internship Program

Internship placement: The internship search and arrangement process are to be based upon your interests and academic & professional backgrounds. Placements of such will be pre-guaranteed.

Housing support: Some of the host companies will provide accommondation, if it’s not for your case, our team will research and give you our advices on the suitable area and types of housing.

Visa assistance: You’ll be given comprehensive guidance in arranging the visa for your time in China by our team.

Pre-trip orientation: To help you prepare your trip, our team will be giving the essential advices before you departure.

Airport pickup: Our Program Coordinator will meet you at the airport and escort you to your apartment. 

Comprehensive support: Advice, guidance and assistance before, during, and after your stay in China

Emergency assistance: 24/7 Joyedu will be there to support you throughout your internship and are contactable 24 hours a day while you are in China.

Social connection to other interns: You will have the Access to the Joyedu social program, which provides an opportunity to make friends with your fellow interns.